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Anxiety During War

Did you know that women are almost twice as likely to experience anxiety?

Researchers say that anxiety neuroses are characteristic of 4% of women. Possible explanations include:

hormonal changes
higher susceptibility of women to stress in general
the traditional role of women as caretakers of children.
These data indicate a type of psychological disorder caused by long-term psychoemotional and physical exhaustion. Leads to rapid fatigue, increased sensitivity and emotional instability.

The main causes of pathology, in addition to physical and psychoemotional exhaustion, include:

misunderstandings in the family and between close people, colleagues, friends,
regular stresses,
performing routine work of the same type that requires increased attention,
personal and family tragedies,
loss of loved ones
divorce etc.
During martial law, the tension increases many times over, the causes of its occurrence intensify. Stress can become chronic. The risk of “earning” a psychological disorder increases. The most common symptoms include:

sudden decline in strength,
increased fatigue,
increased sensitivity to external stimuli (a person can react sharply to sudden changes in temperature, light, sound, etc.).
Depressive conditions, the inability to perform long and medium-term physical activities, a decrease in willpower, poor memory of numbers and events, inattention, panic attacks, and a constant feeling of fear may also appear.

If you notice such symptoms, you should not delay, you should contact specialists. At the UWin Center for Emotional Health, we provide free psychological help to anyone who needs it.


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