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UWin is a team of practicing psychologists, consulting experts, and media specialists who have come together to effectively help Ukrainians. We create projects aimed at helping people who find themselves in difficult life circumstances. We provide free professional support and the opportunity to feel that you are not alone in overcoming the problems caused by war. We help people discover their inner strength to overcome difficulties, build happy relationships and live in harmony with themselves.



We build relationships with beneficiaries, partners and colleagues honesty, always tell the truth and stick to agreements. We have zero tolerance for lies and non-compliance with laws.



We agree that people may have a worldview or way of life that is different from ours. Our goal is to help everyone who needs it. We do not accept discrimination based on gender, age, nationality or any other reason.



The result is always important, but especially for charity. Because it is someone’s saved life or an opportunity for a better future. We achieve results, focus on best practices, and work on improvements.



When starting the implementation of a project or implementation of an initiative, we always evaluate the social significance and contribution that this project or initiative will bring to a specific person and society in general.



We are always ready for changes, we constantly improve and learn new things, we apply best practices. We conduct our activities transparently, prepare reports in a timely manner and regularly provide them to our stakeholders.


High standards

We develop and implement our programs in accordance with the standards of conducting charitable activities. We create a high corporate standard of targeted assistance to the population and take care of the quality of our services.

"The best way to start the day well is to wake up and think if it is possible to give joy to at least one person today"

Friedrich Nietzsche

A little about our history

Since 2016

Our story began in 2016. When the community of honored doctors of Ukraine decided to create a charity fund “Social Medical Partnership” to provide free medical care to seriously ill children, low-income families and boarding houses.

For 7 years of work, we managed to implement a number of humanitarian initiatives, provide targeted medical assistance to our customers and provide hospitals and orphanages with medical equipment and tools. The total amount of assistance provided is 500,000+ USD.

About the creation of the UWin center

UWin is a unique project

War is stress and shock that you have to learn to cope with

War leaves scars not only on the body: according to the study of the psychological state of the population, conducted by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, today, due to the war, more than 90% of Ukrainians have at least one of the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Most often, this is insomnia, depression, sudden mood swings, panic attacks. So far, only three people with PTSD out of a hundred receive psychological help.

We are part of the medical community and have up-to-date information. We understand that war is a shock for each of us, a burden that negatively affects the mental health of an entire nation. Mental health needs our attention more than ever because buildings can be restored and mental health will require sustained investment and attention for future generations.

Therefore, we expanded our activity programs and implemented the project “Psychological assistance to Ukrainians affected by the war”, which involves the provision of free psychological assistance by the UWin Center for Emotional Health.

long-term care

This is a professional long-term mental health support and recovery program.

From professionals in their field

Practicing psychiatrists and psychotherapists with over 3 years of consulting experience are involved in the implementation of the project.

result oriented

Everyone who applies receives a guaranteed result and improves their emotional state.
Those who received help say that their condition has improved
They rate the content from UWin as useful and effective
They are ready to recommend UWin to their friends and family

We will help everyone maintain emotional health

We use an individual approach that best meets the requests and needs of each of our recipients.

Our goals and objectives

We work to

Provide timely, coordinated and effective assistance and meet the urgent needs of the population of Ukraine. Our key tasks are:

targeted assistance

Provide targeted and effective assistance to every resident of Ukraine.

Recovery of society

Contribute to the recovery of society and the economy of Ukraine.

Interaction with partners

Develop a network of partner organizations for comprehensive interaction with the state and institutions of civil society

International cooperation

Attract financial and non-financial assistance through cooperation with international companies and charitable foundations.
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"People are the future of Ukraine. We hope that our joint contribution to the emotional health of Ukrainians will help to cope with the consequences of the war and raise a healthy future generation.”
Vladyslav Sova, co-founder of the fund

our team of experts is here for you

This is a professional community with unique work experience. We carefully select and train each specialist and invest a lot of resources in team development.

Important things you should know about us

Documents and Reporting

The founding documents reflect key information about the activities of the “Social and Medical Partnership” foundation, confirm the legality of charitable activities, and regulate the rights and obligations of the organization’s participants and stakeholders.

We constantly regulate and automate the main business processes of the fund, which makes our activities open, transparent and understandable to any user.

Our financial statements are prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

Annual and quarterly reports contain a detailed description of the results of our activities.

  • 2022 Annual Activity Report
  • 2023 Report for the 1st quarter
  • 2023 Report for the II quarter
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